Thursday, July 9, 2009

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3 ALL Natural juice drinks promise to reset less-than-perfect eating habits, increased energy, clearer radiant skin, a more lucid focus, and euphoria!

NAKED JUICE the purveyor of all natural juices embodying an urbane sophistication, NAKED offers a plethora of flavors emphasizing elegant simplicity, seasonality and pure ingredients that are beyond refreshing; it's nourishment for the soul! It's philosophy is reflected in each drink, where a well-made juice never goes out of style. For timeless cocktails at home, we choose 3 of our favorite NAKED libations that soothes the mind, body & spirit.

The BERRY BLAST is a crowd-pleasing blend of Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Perfect anytime of the day this delightful refresher is a favorite at the LPB office!


The delicious GREEN MACHINE - which brings together the fruity flavors of apples and kiwi to create the perfect partner for the rich complexity of a decadent drink you will instantly be addicted after the 1st sip... we were!


The PEACH MANGOSTEEN BLISS offers an enticing taste of the tropics, combining sweet, juicy peaches with exotic mangosteen – it's the perfect addition to any hot summer day...

With NAKED Juice, there are three things you can always count on: the finest all natural ingredients, innovative flavors and sensational products. Without question NAKED is the most popular summer drink of choice. Made with premium ingredients blended together for the perfect balance of tart and sweet, NAKED's all-natural mixes capture the essence of the fruit-infused refresher - perfect for everyday of the year...

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