Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Uninspiring home fitness routines could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new workout DVD - C.T.B.S. developed by the former middleweight champ Michael Olajide Jr. and former ballet dancer & Ian Schrager spa developer Leila Fazel - owners of the insanely chic AEROSPACE NYC.

C.T.B.S. centers around the RAINMAKER ( a.k.a. the jump rope) - a specially designed piece of equipment that does not tangle, can be adjusted for most heights and is guaranteed to make you sweat (hence the name!). C.T.B.S. features a series of moves and postures that are carried out on the jump rope, which strengthens the body through cardio, balance and core training while giving the sensation of jumping (to the point you feel like flying!). This new fitness regime - loved by supermodels, actors and New York City's elite will literally transform your body in a matter of weeks.
C.T.B.S. out of your life with this DVD! For more information check out

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