Friday, August 28, 2009


Bird watching has never been so chic!
BIRDS (Chronicle Books) - the delightful petite picture tome by Jeffrey Fisher is the perfect apéritif to an evening of relaxation! This visual feast showcasing the world's finest feather friends captivates as it educates one on the habits and habitats of wondrous creatures. Unwind, pour yourself a glass of wine and get carried away with this whimsical volume!


Illustrations by Jeffrey Fisher
Text by Christine Fisher

Chronicle Books


In this provocative challenge to current architectural discourse, Geoff Manaugh briskly dissects and disposes of all of its myths. In their place, he proposes a newly optimistic and open-minded approach, breaking down the barriers between architecture and the world surrounding it , thanks to the help of the uber popular BLDGBLOG web site - now a must have tome by Chronicle books! Short but packed with exciting ideas, The BLDG BLOG (Chronicle Books) successfully demonstrates how architecture's dependence on outside forces is its greatest strength, and how working with contingency can provide the field with the agency and ethics it desperately needs. Intelligent and incisive, this book should be required reading at all schools of architecture and lovers of Urban culture...

How happy am I that LOVE is out with it's second issue! Can't wait to get my hands on it...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mon Petits, some of you may know that by day I am a fashion stylist - these 2 publications are on my to do list (literally) and I can't wait to get my hand on these issues....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The next time you start making excuses on why you can't leave your job, lose weight or go to that exotic local you've dreamt about for years get your hands on TO THE END OF THE EARTH : Our Epic Journey To The North Pole And The Legend Of Peary and Henson (St. Martin's Press). Tom Avery, explorer extraordinaire shares his poignant tale of his journey and his awe-inspiring attributes that aided him to the summits of some of the world's highest mountains as well as onto the frequently hazardous slopes of life: charm, resilience, a sense of humor, a love of danger and concerns for others. His eloquent memoir exhibits all these traits. His testament will not only encourage you to reach for near impossible goals; but his the grit, determination, and ingenuity will be a reminder that we too can transform our lives into something miraculous.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheers to Brits!

British Fashion Designers
Hywel Davies
Laurence King Publishers

We here at LPB are Anglomanialholics - our craze for all things English has us in a constant search for various aspects of the English culture especially when it comes to fashion and with the latest tome from Laurence King BRITISH FASHION DESIGNERS our Anglo-addiction has intensified 10 fold! This handsome book explores the British fashion industry's biggest talents and celebrates the core essence that makes those brits rock! The romanticism of the English spirit is reflected in the book's lush, well documented tome that features some everyone from Giles Deacon, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood to Hussein Chalayan. Out just in time for LFW this tome is a must have!

Available this September at

Friday, August 14, 2009


Madeleine Vionnet - the illuminating designer who personified the word 'Couture' with her revolutionary take on form & fashion with beautifully draped dresses, Grecian concoctions and bias cuts that still remain relevant to this day will be celebrated next month with the Rizzoli New York tome MADELEINE VIONNET. The tome of the season VIONNET is an absolutely stunning visual collection of the couture architect & icon in a captivating curation by the Museédes Arts Décoratifs curator in chief Pamela Golbin - MADELEINE VIONNET unravels the elements of influence that compose the genius that is Vionnet. With swooping necklines and her legendary bias cut frocks, Vionnet won over the fashion world - making her legacy live on. MADELEINE VIONNET pays much due homage to the master of couturiers!

Available starting in September - check for more info....

LV The Conqueror

Friends, family and fashion fiends lend me your ear - the tome to covet this fall is the one & only LOUIS VUITTON: Art, Fashion, and Architecture (Rizzoli New York). The brand synonymous with unadulterated luxury in all facets of art is brilliantly showcased in this innovative, novel and lavishly illustrated book in a superb presentation of startling series of works by leading artists, fashion designers, photographers, architects and interior designers. From Olafur Eliasson to Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Takashi Murakami, David LaChapelle and Stephen Sprouse - each artist reveals his/her interpretation of the LV Brand, forming an anthology of images and collaborations that are truly provocative, enlightening,compelling and aesthetically LOUIS VUITTON! From the obvious to the obscure, this smart and photographic gallivant defines a brand with global influence through the patina of the LV culture....

September Must Haves!

There are some unexpected, often far-flung developments come September but here at LPB we are focusing solely on 3 new tomes set to take the stylish lit world by storm!


THE Legendary Jacques Grange transcends the role of interior designer! In the over sized - uber luxurious JACQUES GRANGE INTERIORS (Flammarion) you will literally be in awe of this magnificent 268 page book as it unveils the rich history of the interior design world's foremost designer. Featuring exclusive photography of his prestigious commissions, INTERIORS tells the story of Grange's mastery through a stunning selection of interiors of unapologetic opulence and style. This handsome volume captures the grand ambiance that is the JACQUES GRANGE legacy!


THE Publishing Gods have spoken! WORKWEAR - one of the latest releases by Rizzoli New York is the 1st book of it's kind to embrace and showcase the often overlook influence of the industrial worker's garb. This retrospective of utilitarian design gives you a glimpse into the fascinating world of fashion and it's unlikely source if inspiration. Filled with lush photography and commentary WORKWEAR highlights how even the notion of the 'uniform' can seduce and influence the ever changing world of style.

PIE Books

PARIS, the great city of lights boasts some of the most unique boutiques, restaurants and shops in the world! In the new SHOP IMAGE GRAPHICS IN PARIS (PIE Books) you see Paris' leading treasure troves of boutiques - etc. fuse their individual aesthetic and brand to produce some of the most innovative and exciting retail design! Packed with stunning photography, this book brings together the most cutting edge boutiques in the capital of chic! The tome will surely be inspirational fro retail designers, small shop owners (and shopaholics) looking to create their own statement & brand!

All books available at


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Friday, August 7, 2009


The Beauty of Devotion

THE Vatican with it's clandestine one hundred and ten acres of majestic, grandiose and alluring monastic realm has intrigued and peek the curiosity of millions since it's inception. In Dominique Chivolt's VATICAN (Assouline) you get an stunning look at the anthropological dimensions of the sovereign city-state through breathtaking (and sometimes haunting) photographs of the Holy See accompanied by an in depth study of the rich, dynamic, dramatic and moving history of Vatican City. This breathtaking volume offers a series of portraits, scenes and commentary on the luxe study of the Vatican like never before - whether your Catholic, interfaith, architecture enthusiast or a lover of devotion you will surely treasure this magnificent tome.