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By now, you probably have a vague idea of what your dream life looks like. Or hell, maybe you’ve been fantasizing about it — very precisely — since you were 5. Not that your current situation is bad, but there are always a few huge things that you envision doing one day. Trouble is, it’s hard to get moving when you have no clue where to begin - here's where the Cosmo's dynamic duo: Tali & Ophira Edut of ASTROSTYLE come in! The world renowned AstroTwins are the go - to astrology divas for guidance in all aspects of your life (love, career, home - they tackle it all!) - from their soon to be cult classic book to their MUST HAVE charts these two cosmic geniuses are your new bffs!

Tali (L) and Ophira (R) Edut, The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut-- known as The AstroTwins -- are professional astrologers with over 15 years experience in astrology, publishing and life coaching. Their columns and predictions have appeared in such media as Brides.com, Oxygen.com, MyLifetime.com, Us Weekly,Sirius Radio and AOL. Tali and Ophira have read charts for celebrities including Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Sting. As the co-creators of ASTROSTYLE, they help clients and readers "de-sign" amazing lives with their unique, applied method of astrology and life coaching.


ASTROSTYLE.com is your online mecca for daily, monthly and personal horoscopes - the highly coveted ASTROSTYLE Astrology charts are an absolute must have! These brilliant, full-length astrology charts - (personal natal, relationship & couples charts) will give you an amazing insight to your life and purpose in this world in a clear and concise way. I have been fortunate enough to have my own ASTROSTYLE Personal Natal Chart and Q&A with the ingenious ASTROTWIN Ophira Edut on everything from astrology charts, living the life that you want and branding yourself! enjoy....

LPB: Should one get a new chart every year?

ASTROTWIN OPHIRA EDUT: You can get what's called a "progressed chart" every year, or book a reading around your birthday to plan for the year ahead. But there's only one chart for the moment you were born, called the natal chart. For newcomers to astrology, it's so thorough that you'll learn a ton about yourself. That's how we got started: someone gave us a natal chart as a gift!

LPB: I did not have any planets in Houses 10 & 11 -- is this permanent? common?

ASTROTWIN OPHIRA EDUT: This is common -- in fact, everyone's chart has the planets clustered in different houses (some are scattered, some are concentrated in a few). The 10th house, for example, represents career and fame. Not having planets here doesn't mean you won't work or be famous. However, when planets are in a specific house, they bring their unique energy to it. You might be glad. You could have Uranus, planet of sudden events, in your tenth house. That might lead you to have an unstable career life, or to be prone to switching jobs often.

LPB: From the chart how do you suggest your clients go about applying the reading to their everyday lives?

ASTROTWIN OPHIRA EDUT: Focus on a couple key points that jumped out at you, or made a lot of sense. Then try out applying the advice. We advise keeping a journal during the process. Jot down questions that come up. Follow your intuition, too! You can also book a one-on-one consultation with us.

LPB: Do you recommend additional reading to go with the chart? Do you provide additional counseling?

ASTROTWIN OPHIRA EDUT: Yes. The chart is an amazing "road map" to your soul, and it's also a lot of information to digest. Questions may come up, along with the many answers a printed chart provides. As trained astrologers, we can help you choose where to focus your energies with a 60-90 minute reading. In the readings, we can also focus on a key theme, like love or career. We can compare the person's birth chart ("natal chart") with the planets' current or upcoming positions to get a unique read on what a client's best next moves should be.

LPB: What are the key things you want your clients and readers to go away with with your charts, readings, etc. ?

ASTROTWIN OPHIRA EDUT: Life is short, so take a shortcut! Astrology is an incredible tool that can help you get "unstuck" from life's many crossroads. Too often, we get paralyzed in the face of decisions, or we procrastinate because we're unclear about next steps. Our clients say their astrology readings validate their intuition and help them trust themselves. Within an hour, you can be back in action, clear and moving forward on a fulfilling path. We all have something to contribute to the world -- why let anything stand in your way?

LPB: AstroStyle/AstroTwins is a women-owned business; how did you both come to the realization you were going to build a successful brand for yourselves - what are the key factors that lead you to follow your dreams - are there any rules you both live by?

ASTROTWIN OPHIRA EDUT: This brand has built itself organically over time. One thing has really led to another. There wasn't a day we woke up and realized anything, and that's the key. To really listen to both our instincts and to keep an ear out for opportunity. To be willing to grow and evolve and not get too stuck on any particular direction.
In two words: be yourself! For us, that means being flexible and open, while also learning to trust our own style of leadership. I learned not be afraid to say "This is how WE do business, even if the 'traditional' corporate world doesn't." Just because our product/brand is astrology, doesn't make it any less viable of a business that sells financial services or computers, for example. Value what you offer and treat it as sacred. That's our mission

Need more of ASTROSTYLE Fix? Get your hands on the amazing The AstroTwins' Love Zodiac: The Essential Astrology Guide for Women (Sourcebooks) a comprehensive astrological guide to life, relationships and lovers, The AstroTwins' Love Zodiac is a seminal guide to learning how to interpret the subtle and not-so subtle attributes of your partner's astrological sign in order to create a better understanding of one another.... Truly a must have!


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