Saturday, September 19, 2009

Playing With Color

The latest nail-polish colors look as if they rolled right out of a bag of Skittles—rich, glossy, and completely saturated in bold, bright color. And unlike the jet black and midnight blue shades we wore last year, there's nothing gloomy about them and thanks to ZOYA the purveyor of nail lacquer here's some tips on wearing high shine hues (like ZOYA Lacquer in Trinity above) ...

Go short. Unless you're deliberately emulating Donna Martin circa 1992, bright nails shouldn't extend past your fingertips.

Get in shape. You didn't learn about squovals in geometry class, but they're the preferred nail shape for brights

Start at the bottom.
A basecoat is even more important with candy-colored polish. Try Zoya Anchor Basecoat

Cut corners.
Giving yourself a manicure with shell pink polish is a breeze, but it requires more patience to keep vivid colors from smearing into your cuticles. Paint down the middle of the nail and leave the far sides—the part where you have to turn your fingers to see—free of polish. It also creates the illusion that your nails are longer and thinner.

Top it off.
A shiny topcoat helps vibrant colors appear juicy and rich. Paint one on after your manicure, and reapply once a week to refresh the color. Try Zoya Armor Topcoat

Find Zoya ultra bright hues as well as over 300 other ultra high-fashion Zoya shades at

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