Monday, September 14, 2009

Return to Chic

The huddled masses yearn to be fabulous- but with celbutants like the Hilton's ,Kardashian's and the latest tabloid cover girl elegance and decorum seem to be extinct. Thanks to the Chic Gods author Jordan Christy is heeding their call with her soon to be cult classic HOW TO BE A HEPBURN IN A HILTON WORLD : The Art of Living with Style, Class & Grace (Center Street). Christy teaches you how to look your best, sound your smartest, use the manners your momma taught you, throw the most popular parties (and top the guest list at other soirees), make your home the envy of your neighbors, and generally be the fabulous person you always knew you could be. From style, class and grace to her eloquent approach to appreciation, Jordan Christy shares it all in HOW TO BE A HEPBURN IN A HILTON WORLD. Nothing is more elegant than a woman with beautiful manners. She shows you with her riveting book that a woman who can handle any situation with grace, humor, and aplomb will always be the toast of the town (without dancing on top of bars).


benni said...

this should be a prequisite in schools now.

Nubiasnonsense said...

This sounds like a great book I def have to read it!