Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Finding a great lipgloss is like finding the perfect LBD—the task seems herculean, but the results make the effort worthwhile.
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for women of all skin tones.

Many lipglosses deposit so little color, you might as well be wearing ChapStick. But the smooth formula of
REVOLUTION Organics' Freedom Lip Gloss creates a super rich hue that works well on the fairest to the darkest of complexions! It's as hydrating as a balm but stays put for hours without reapplying (ask any gloss junkie—that's a big deal). And the sponge-tip wands mean no drips. One swipe of the Freedom Lip Gloss creates a sheer stain, while several applications dial the hue up to a bolder note so whatever you are in the mood for be it demure damsel or siren you will surely find it with these 5 enticing hues.