Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Season, You Need More Cat’s-Eye

The tricky dealings of crafting the perfect cat’s-eye are often discussed among those of us who have spoken or unspoken Audrey Hepburn ambitions. While I’ve always been of the camp that liquid liner is the way to go, I recently switched over to kohl after coming upon LORAC Cosmetic's Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner and now feel as though I may have been a bit quick to rule out the pen variety. The niche Hollywood brand’s angled tip give you more control for varying width and length, not to mention incredible flicking powers for perfectly pointed ends. Here's some application tips to help us properly enjoy the user-friendly design:

1. Apply a primer all over your lids and under the eye to set up a blank, matte canvas for the liner. We recommend adding a nude eye shadow on top of lids to set (our fave: LORAC eye shadow in NUDE).

2. Start with the thin side of LORAC’s Front of the Line PRO in black on the inner corner going out, keeping the pencil all the way into the lashes for a tight black line.

3. Stroke the pencil and turn to the wider side near the center of the eye, making the line wider until you reach the outer end of the eyelash.

4. As you approach the outer edge, turn back quickly to the thin point to create a pointed tip on the ends, and voilà!

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