Monday, September 14, 2009

Walk This Way!

A sky-high pair of heels can inject a boost (pun intended) of confidence in us vertically-challenged types. Before you strap on your latest pair of 7 inch wonders take a look at 2 vital tools every doll should invest in and have in her arsenal!

The Truth about Back Pain: A Revolutionary, Individualized Approach to Diagnosing and Healing Back Pain
by Todd Sinett, DC & Sheldon Sinett, DC
Penguin Group

Chronic back pain for women has long been attributed with the constant wear and tear of high heels on a daily basis. If you're like me and can't fathom the thought of banishing your heels get your hands on the life changing The Truth about Back Pain (Penguin Group) is a MUST! The highly informative tome explores the structural, nutritional, and emotional approach to understanding and treating back pain. Chiropractic doctors Todd and Sheldon Sinett explain the major causes of pain in the back, neck, and shoulders- from structural abnormalities to other factors such as diet and emotional duress. If there was anything you should invest in this season it's this book - your back will thank you for it!


As the market crashes the height of heels have sky rocketed to epic proportions! The LEGWORK High Heel Instructional DVD teaches the foundation to walking in high heels. The fast paced DVD gives solid tips and exercises on the proper way to strut your stuff - enough to make Kate and Naomi jealous! If you're in New York be sure to check out the classes...

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