Wednesday, September 23, 2009


No gym? No problem! With this travel friendly exercise plan, you'll keep that hot beach body tight and toned through the fall/winter seasons with the fitness regime that Madonna is a devotee of!

Fall/Winter. It's the seasons for all things active and outdoors to be halted for those of us who live in areas where rain, sleet, and snow reign supreme (pun intended) -making staying in shape a bit of an obstacle (not to mention the non stop holiday parties, dinners from thanksgiving through new years) with weekend fetes and week long hibernation also mean getting knocked out of your normal routine, which can freeze your fitness plans. With everyone tightening on their wallets maintaining your workout regime in an ill-equipped gym facility (or worse, none at all) can also derail your sweat sessions even if you're super-motivated. Fear not ladies! We've got Callan Pinckney's fitness DVD Super Callanetics an effective total body training program that will give you a satisfying workout any time or place you desire! Callan's Super Callenetics DVD will help you get a slimmer, sculpted body in just minutes a day. Lengthen and tone from head to toe with the dynamic workouts - the ingenious Pinckney brings her unique and elegant style to these sessions to help you achieve that lean, sculpted Callenetics body. You will be fabulous all year long!

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aynaf said...

The callenetics DVDs are worth a try! I do callenetics and if you are consistent, you will really see physical changes and it helps with endurance and stamina for your other workouts.