Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Nail polishes may have their playful names, but finding one that won't crack under pressure is no joke - same can be said for the various accouterments needed to keep your hands gleaming! These durable products deserve some serious accolades. From Left :
Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat ($8) smooths away bumps, so even polish applied in a rush goes on super smooth!

CLARINS Hand & Nail Treatment Cream ($30) Protects the skin against aging as it hydrates, soothes, and nourishes, Nails are strengthened and invigorated without a greasy film.

This is the only remover pad that sweeps away even the darkest shades from all ten nails with a single pad. And since each one is supersaturated, you don't have to scrub until your arm falls off.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil ($7.50) The creamy formula is hydrating, and the brush-on applicator means the product doesn't drip down your hands (so no greasy fingers).

ORLY - The Once Upon A Time Collection Nail Lacquers ($7.50 each) is our top pick of nail lacquers for the season - it's trendy and oh so opulent hues are a standout not to mention its high shine .. the collection is dazzling.

Pushy with Nail Cleaner by TWEEZERMAN ($17) When you combine the legendary Tweezerman's Pushy Cuticle Pusher at one end and a uber convenient nail cleaner at the other your nails will be buffed to perfection, smooth to the touch and cleaner then ever before - a necessary must!

FileMate by TWEEZERMAN ($5) Mon Petits, I do not leave home without this uber cute nail file - you never know when a dreaded chip will occur!