Friday, October 9, 2009

Current Must Have: The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Since the beginning of time there is a great mystique about dreams and it's correlation to the human psyche - at most dreams confuse, fascinate and enthrall us. Sometimes they even terrify , other times they amuse. But mostly dreams contain a message waiting for us to decode. When the time comes to explore the meaning of your dream look no further then The Bedside Dream Dictionary
(Skyhorse Publishing
this amazing reference guide is essential for anyone exploring the power of dreams for personal transformation. Featuring dream symbols—explanations of sleep patterns and theories on the subject by Jung and Freud —this guide distills the essence of our dreams into concise definitions that reveal the spirit in even the most mundane of images. For anyone who wishes to fully realize personal potential, this invaluable guide to dream interpretation is a must have!

The Bedside Dream Dictionary
by Silvana Amar

Skyhorse Publishing

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