Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finger Clicking Good!

Mon Petits did you hear? The new haute threesome is me, myself and I! Every LPB doll should know how to wow herself (and further more what toys she should have in her treasure chest of fun!) . Here, a helping hand: we tell you how to throw a party for one (in some cases 2) and love it!
Toys to Lust For (from left to right): climax® clicks remote control, climax® clicks Two Hearts Cock Ring, climax® flickers®, grrl toyz® 10X Waterproof Silky Sigh, climax® clicks Tangerine 7x Double Clicks, 7X Purple Flutter climax® clicks Violet Vertical

Mon Petits, toys can be titillating - vibrators provide one of the strongest and most consistent forms of stimulation there is so don't be afraid to use them when you need a healthy dose of self love ladies! Here are a few of our most decadent, finger clicking good treats (A word of caution though: Too much humming can potentially cause your nerve endings to become somewhat desensitized. Pace your usage of this joy stick and let your fingers do the work on the off days) !

Now if a party for 1 isn't your thing you and your love can play with together, the climax® clicks Two Hearts Cock Ring. This innovative vibe is "for him to wear and couples to share." Unique in size and shape, the soft sleeve is made to please! Featured with dual bullets positioned perpendicular to the penis for clitoral contact during penetration. For a wet and wild ride, take this waterproof toy in the tub. For a more hands-on approach, try slipping a couple fingers through the band instead...

climax® flickers® 7X Purple Flutter

Fabulous for clitoral stimulation, you can feel a focused sensation on your pleasure spots in no time at all with this petite wonder!

This versatile mini-vibe not only sports a fantastic shape, but also boasts 10 (yes mes amis 10) different speeds and distinct pulses, making this little vibe deceptively pleasing. Great for external and clitoral stimulation, as well as shallow penetration, men can also enjoy the great vibrations grrl toyz' Silky Sigh has to offer for fantastic testicle and penis stimulation. Discreet and travel-ready, the Silky Sigh is one little vibe just raring to go!

You may want to stay in for movie night -- this Tangerine delight is going to satiate your sweet tooth and then some! With an easy-to-use controller, seven distinct speeds and a smooth, silky bullet vibes, this waterproof wonder really can't be beat.

climax® clicks Violet Vertical is the most seductive of pleasure objects, poised to deliver experiences only a vibrator of it's kind can provide. It's fuller form offers a deeper and more resonant vibe, while seven stimulation modes create incredible variation in G-spot, clitoral and all-over body sensations....must have!

Now that you know what makes your body tick, it's time to share your stimulating secrets with someone you love...or at least lust for.

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