Friday, October 30, 2009

For The Vacation-Deprived, A Guide To Self-Tanning

With winter on the horizon dreams of a warm-weather vacation typically start right about now—and if they haven’t this soon to be cold snap should do the trick. The idea of not wearing five layers just to leave your house is likely fueling these tropical visions, although cultivating a nice tan is probably also bringing you dangerously closer to that extensive flight search. If you can’t get south any time soon, there’s always those two dirty words to get you through until April: fake-baking. We’re not altogether in favor of this deceptive art, but we do understand that it’s a necessary evil on more than a few occasions (anytime you want to look radiantly healthy, glowing, and alive being one of them). To avoid the streaks and stains that can ruin the whole experience,here's our LPB quick tips on we got on how to get golden with the celebrity loved XEN TAN - no sun required.

—Apply a petroleum-based product to your cuticles and nail beds to avoid discoloration (and a ruined manicure).

—Shave and exfoliate the night before you plan on using your self-tanner, and if you typically shower in the morning, don’t apply lotion afterward to avoid streaks.

—Make sure to use tanning products sparingly around rough and dry areas like the knees, elbows, and ankles, as these parts of the body tend to darken more quickly.

—If you are trying to get your tan going in the weeks prior to a big event, the best course of action is to build for evenness, rather than to expect an instant bronze. Assess your color after a few applications, and once your desired hue is achieved, maintain tone with follow-up applications.

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