Monday, November 2, 2009


No one can deny the confidence-building power of good hair and the tools needed to achieve it. Since we are hair fanatics here at LPB - we have an excessive (to the point of obsessive) collection of products and tools we use religiously on our mane (that we transform from curly to straight and back again on a weekly basis). Our combs of choice is none other then the T3 Professional Comb Collection - the compact set comes in a chic carrying case so when we travel (and we do a lot of traveling) we don't have to worry about our tools getting damaged. The T3 Professional Comb Collection is heat resistant, Carbon, Ionic - can we say ingenious combs leaves even the most tangled hair, smooth and knot-free in seconds. A next-generation tool set designed to slip through curls, straight or wet hair without ripping or tugging - the perfect companion to your T3 flat irons....

T3 Professional Comb Collection contains the following combs:
Large Styling comb
Fine Cutting
Large Cutting
Large Dressing
All-Purpose Cutting
Rat Tail

With the wallet friendly price of under $40 it's an essential beauty investment you'll ever make - your hair will thank you!

The collection is available at

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