Friday, October 9, 2009

Walk This Way !

Being a native New Yorker one would think I knew this city like the back of my hand but unfortunately for me I don't - embarrassing: maybe - fixable : YES!
With Chronicle Books
City Walks Architecture : New York
the ingenious petite guide featuring 25 absolutely must see buildings, parks and monuments I will discover (and rediscover) all this amazing city has to offer! Choked filled with so many adventures in this unique neighborhood by neighborhood guide, Alissa Walker
uncovers the fabulously fun (often times free) things to do and see, which generally go un-covered by the mainstream guides. In one of the world's most famously and simultaneously elite and eccentric cities, even lifelong New Yorkers are sure to find a thing or two they've never seen or heard about before - can't wait to get started!

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