Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where The Haute Things Are...

Every budding iconic fashion designer/stylist/enthusiast deserves his or her own monograph, as it's a chance for one to consider careers dedicated to making and breaking trends. With the upbeat and optimistic,
My Wonderful World of Fashion: A book for drawing, creating and dreaming (Laurence King Publishing) - the insanely chic interactive coloring book will satisfy your haute cravings tenfold!
This comprehensive volume offers a definitive survey, from Vivienne Westwood's groundbreaking footwear silhouettes' to inventive floral patterns all available for you to design, color and create! Each carefully selected image represents an artistic collaboration that will take you to a whimsical couture land that will enthrall, intrigue and delight you for hours on end. In My Wonderful World of Fashion, you'll find overflowing inspiration--complete with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern fashions the possibilities are endless!

In this captivating tome, you are encouraged to create and trust us you surely will - a must have for any season!

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