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As the temperatures drop, your closet isn't the only thing that needs an overhaul. Take a look at your beauty products—because your skin loses about 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter months, and the stuff that kept you shine-free all summer is likely just causing Sahara-like conditions today. Here are 3 must have products that are superb for the coming months...
LPB'S Winter Recommendations:

We smeared on Vitalization™ morning and night— the wallet friendly creme is frosting-thick and felt rich and heavy going on. The rich creme soaked in quickly enough that we didn't look smothered in Crisco. Our skin stopped feeling tight, and we saw zero dry patches, starting the first day we used it. The delicious smell and luxurious texture make us weak in the knees - must have item!

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We applied a few drops of this serum every day during the harsh winter months and developed a perfectly balanced complexion with no oil slicks or dry patches... amazing!

The rich texture isn't greasy, so we can eradicate blotches and control shine without looking like the victim of an oil spill. Spiked with antioxidants and broad-spectrum sun protection—plus, its creamy texture sinks in fast - it's actually great all year round!

Gro Mom!

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of SIDS is by keeping the baby's nursery an optimal 61-67 degrees. When it comes to thermometers, The Grobag® Egg is the best due to it's glowing design which indicates the room temp without needing to turn on lights or disturb baby. Yellow means perfect, while blue says cold and red, too hot. What can be simpler?
We are such enthusiasts of the product we've teamed up with the masterminds at GroBag a Haute Mom Giveaway!

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- Shima Green
Haute Mom Extraordinaire

Friday, November 20, 2009


Mally Roncal knows how to beat a face! With superstar clients to a coveted beauty line Mally deliver luxe on a silver platter and the best part you don't have to have Beyonce's bank account to look like a million bucks!
Intriguingly mysterious, and inevitably sexy, the mally beauty smoky eye (as seen on the red carpet worldwide!) is made all the more alluring with a medley of hues and textures and a touch of sparkle. Illuminating skin and candlelight nude lips balance a seductive eye, for an irresistibly come-hither creation... perfected by the Queen of Glam herself... Ladies & Gents take note!

  • Using Flat Concealer Brush, apply Concealer under eyes to brighten and conceal darkness, and also across eyelids for a crease-proof and long-lasting base for color application






  • Base: Using finger, apply Cream to powder Eyeshadow base to the eyelid, blending to a fresh finish - which will help your smokey eye last all day.
  • Lid: Apply the lightest shadow and lightly dust over the entire eyelid with Wide Contour Brush - this help open up the eyes.
  • Bridge: Apply the medium shadow tone to the outer corner of the eyelid with Eye Contour Brush - starting at the lash line and stopping just past the crease of the eye.
  • Bridge Part Deux: Using a flat shadow brush, take the darkest tone and apply with the side of the brush all along the lash line, both top and bottom.
  • Line: Line the upper and lower lash lines with Eyeliner Pencil. Smudge the darker Eyeshadow along upper and lower lash lines using Smudge Brush
Mally's Tip: Don't worry about drawing one straight line - it's okay to feather it with short strokes that blend together.
Paint the Town Ultimate Brush Kit

  • Whatever look you're going for invest in Ultimate Brush Kit by Mally - the outcome will always be luxe!


This depressing state of my bank account is forcing me to take a serious financial hideous on what some would call unnecessary luxuries, like a salon pedicure. Being an optimist (and more importantly a doll who needs to keep up with her beauty maintenance!) I have invested in some uber luxe yet wallet friendly treats sure to keep my feet gleaming, hydrated and soft during the winter season!
Sinking into a pedicure chair may be the ultimate act of pampering, but if your like me you will have to invest in these must have to maintain your well-groomed feet.

Wearing socks helps your foot cream go even further. The nourishing agents will cradle your feet as you go about your business. The Eco-Peekys ($30) from Peekys Toes are perfect - the uber soft and absorbent socks are perfect for your after pedi d.i.y. treatment!
Emjoi Power 9 Ladies Razor

A good pedi doesn't entirely depend on polish alone - I for one need super soft, smooth, hairless legs and with Emjoi's Power 9 Ladies Razor ($19.95) the stylishly cute , 9- blade essential delivers a clean, close shave you will save a bundle skipping on your bi-weekly waxing appointments!
Woman Pamper and Moisturise Shave Gel

King of Shaves Woman - Pamper and Moisturise Shave Gel softens and lifts the hair for perfectly shaved legs, underarms, or bikini line. This advanced emollient protects delicate skin from irritation and helps prevent nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. There's nothing like baby soft skin and a shining pedi - instant mood lifter!

No one wants to see your dry, cracked heels, so after showering or before bed, I've religiously slather on DDF's PEDI-CREAM the ultra luxe rich lotion full of vitamins and healing ingredients. It's worth the splurge ladies!

Apply this moisturizing mask on the feet and ankles, and seal them with plastic wrap and a terry towel for 3-5 minutes - it will literally transform your tired feet.

Nail Lacquer COLOUR in Putty

We are true believers of luxe nail lacquers! CND nail hues are rich, goes on smooth and are worth every penny! Use toe separators or weave tissue over and under, then apply base coat, two thin coats of nail polish in your chosen color and one thin coat of top coat. Let dry for two minutes, then shoot all ten nails with quick-dry spray. Sit for at lest ten to fifteen minutes.

Ladies please don't forget to prep your cuticles! Pull one foot from the bath, massage a drop of cuticle oil onto each toenail, and use the must have Pushy with Nail Cleaner by Tweezerman ($17) around the nail to remove any dead skin that might be clinging to the nail plate. Switch feet, and submerge the first foot back in the water...

With a little maintenance, a good pedicure can last three weeks. To prevent chipping, swipe on a topcoat with polish extender twice a week. (We adore the ZOYA Color Lock System ) Treat calluses right out of the shower every other day, and dab on a little cuticle balm once you've dried off.

When you're finished, marvel at your handiwork, and smile when you remember you don't have to tip yourself or carefully transport yourself home in paper flip-flops.

Life Exotic The Grace Jones Way!

Grace Jones’ over-the-top melange of ‘Caribbean-African-beyond edgy-glamour' has and will always be flat out fabulous! If you daring doll should reference her cutting edge style, and if done right the result can be indescribably elegant and composed, like a beautiful collage put together by a brilliant artist, which essentially, it was. So pay attention, you un-minimalist! And let’s start with how to capture the very joie-de-vivre - don't me bite you - heavily adorned look: You want chunky, tribal, feathers, and beads. You want shape , graphic black/white/brown hues and things that look authentically sourced from the futuristic 3080 Nile. If you’re a little wobbly or unsure, make the most decadent piece your shoesfootwear has become so much of an art form, even nuns and gym teachers can rock some feather-spangled gladiators without a second thought. From there, add 'don't play with me' eye and lip make up with some major earrings. Now, obviously, the major danger is getting all cluttered up. So, now get the hair textured and sleek, just enough bare skin—be it legs or arms, or both. Now the city is your jungle to rule....

Camilla Skovgaard
Saw mule

Walk this way with this delectable wonders by Camilla Skovgaard - these White & Black stunners will surely make a statement!

Julien Macdonald
Gem-embellished suede jacket

Shaka Zulu will have nothing on you in this warrior princess jacket...

Sam Villa
Signature Series Professional Textur® Iron

Used by the Haute Couture Mane Master Guido this iron will literally transform your hair!
shu uemura
False Eyelashes

It's all about the eyes and this high end lashes by Shu Uemura will be the perfect addition to your look!

Lipstick in Fast Ride

Dolls, the shade is called Fast Ride - need I say more?
mally beauty
Evercolor Lasting Liquid Eye Liner

Cat eyes are a MUST with tribal and Mally's Evercolor Lasting Liquid Eye Liner goes on smooth, dark and stays put all day (and night)....

Helmut Lang
Mesh-detailed cutout jersey dress

Black, graphic, and tight these Helmut Lang LBD is a must!

Leather and silk embroidered top,
Emilio Pucci
price upon request

Skins, silks and embellishments makes this bustier a killer piece - literally...
COLOUR in Oilslick

We love this ultra luxe dark hue on our toes...
COLOUR in Brilliant White

There's nothing more hotter then an all white manicure! Loves it...

Strapless jersey jumpsuit

Trust us, someone will definitely pull up to your bumper in this get up!

Sequin-embroidered pants

Part tribal/ part disco what wouldn't you want more?
Patent leather hat with nandu feathers
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci
price upon request

Feathers, feathers, feathers - Grace would be proud!
Delfina Delettrez
Gold, diamond, and sapphire Metamorphoses rings

Delfina's pieces truly capture the eye and are wonderful accessories for layering on...

Optical-print leather Nightingale bag
price upon request

No statement... I'm high off of luxe with this piece!

1911 Geometric heel
These white & black graphic sandals from Trussardi encompasses all that is needed in conveying the perfect tribal / futuristic look...

LPB's Coveted Jewelry

The best stimulation package? Why, a shiny new bauble fresh from Amrita Singh!
Ancient symbols, far off islands and exotic cultures become au courant must-haves with the ultra luxe eponymous jewelry line designed by Amrita Singh, her other worldly-meets-refined jewelry uses haute materials like real & faux to offset the rarefied beauty of her designs. Bollywood layered bangles, precious stones and pavé-lined chandelier earrings bestow any look with sheer opulence so you can wear your high end sense of style (at a wallet friendly price point) - literally - on your sleeve. With the recession has served to inspire us to moments of fashion frivolity: big shoulders, extravagant shoes and rings on every finger and with Amrita Singh has tapped in to the trend, allowing laissez faire jewel excess without breaking the bank (excluding her fine jewelry collection... that's for another post!).....
Craving some luxe for dessert? Enter our 1st Amrita Singh LPB Contest! One lucky Petite Reader will win the Southampton Necklace (value $150) ...

Do the following for your chance to win:
1. Email Your Full Name and Address to GIVEMELUXE@LAPETITEBLOG.COM
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The contest ends on November 30th! Good Luck

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