Monday, November 23, 2009


As the temperatures drop, your closet isn't the only thing that needs an overhaul. Take a look at your beauty products—because your skin loses about 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter months, and the stuff that kept you shine-free all summer is likely just causing Sahara-like conditions today. Here are 3 must have products that are superb for the coming months...
LPB'S Winter Recommendations:

We smeared on Vitalization™ morning and night— the wallet friendly creme is frosting-thick and felt rich and heavy going on. The rich creme soaked in quickly enough that we didn't look smothered in Crisco. Our skin stopped feeling tight, and we saw zero dry patches, starting the first day we used it. The delicious smell and luxurious texture make us weak in the knees - must have item!

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We applied a few drops of this serum every day during the harsh winter months and developed a perfectly balanced complexion with no oil slicks or dry patches... amazing!

The rich texture isn't greasy, so we can eradicate blotches and control shine without looking like the victim of an oil spill. Spiked with antioxidants and broad-spectrum sun protection—plus, its creamy texture sinks in fast - it's actually great all year round!

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