Monday, November 16, 2009

Breastfeeding is in!! The benefits of nursing are obvious as far as baby is concerned, but what about moms? Did you know that this is the prime way many celebrity moms lose their baby weight? Personal trainers be damned, we found a perfect solution for a tired, overworked mom to burn 500 calories per day. Yes ladies, breast IS best!
The Best Breast Essentials For the HAUTE Mom! From Left to Right: Tender Care™ Hydrogel Pads,Tender Care™ Lanolin, Nursing Camisole & Medela Swing Pump

May we suggest a few essentials to keep things posh yet comfortable. The Medela Swing Pump is an excellent way to pump and store breastmilk for bottle feedings. Of course, even with the nanny, baby's gotta eat! Sore nipples? Tender Care™ The Hydrogel Pads are perfect. Cooling to the touch, they relieve pain instantly and last up to 24 hrs, allowing them to be reapplied after feedings. Another must-have for soreness is Tender Care™ Lanolin, a soothing emollient most moms swear by for relief of dry, cracked nipples. And for a comfortable yet chic way to nurse in style, the Nursing Camisole offers support, absorption, and comfort in a basic design. Layer it or wear it alone..with so many options you may want one in every color!

Now we couldn't just post these must have items for the ultra Haute Mom without a giveaway can we? Follow these simple instructions and you will be entered to win all these items featured!

1. Email us at your full name, address , size and name two Medela Certified Nursing Centers (HINT) for your chance to win all the products featured.

Note the contest ends on November 30th! Good Luck

Contest open only to US residents - Thank you

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