Friday, November 6, 2009


The leaves are falling, and depending or where you live, the dreaded snow may not be too far behind. That means your skin is most likely flaky , uber dry and dull. And your hair? Limp, statick-y or both (that's me dolls - but let's keep that to ourselves). But before you decide to pack it all in and move to Seychelles, consider changing up your beauty routine instead. You can re-energize the contents of your boudoir, make up and vanity - and do something about that mane with these cult favorite products sent to us from the Beauty Gods....

This unusual fragrance has such a devoted following - no wonder since it can be worn during any season! The delicious floral is built around sensual woods, juicy watery top notes and natural, rich, yet young florals creating a sensation of pleasure, comfort and richness. It will instantly perk up any fall/winter gloominess - added bonus you can leave home with it!

Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream

This skin-calming, nourishing, and hydrating hand cream is so covetable you will bypass the luxe price tag in order to treat your winter worn paws just in time for spring!

Natura Bisse Oxygen Body Cream


Each application of this soft, creamy formula releases native oxygen and other trace elements essential to the skin, giving it energy and vitality - do we even need to go on?

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Sugar Scrub

Formulated with fine natural oils and moisturizers, this gentle buffing cream leaves the skin silky-soft, smooth and primed for moisturization - let's not forget it's ultra sweet aroma this Sugar Scrub will satisfy any sweet tooth without the unwanted calories!

Darphin Instantly Radiant Eye Treatment

Nothing beats this ultra luxe eye treatment for reviving tired looking peepers the morning after a big night out and with all those holiday fetes you are sure to attend you need some back up stat!

Ojon SWA™ Liquid-Hair Building 4-Step Ritual Kit


This coveted deep conditioning treatment is an experience in itself! It no only repairs hair damage by heat-styling, coloring or environmental abuse; it prepares it fro the next round of coloring, ironing, drying and blowing (those wind shields can really do a number or our mane ladies!). It works on all hair types from the highly textured to stick-straight - your hair will literally be the mane attraction with this luxe kit!

CND Nail Lacquer in Inkwell


This jewel toned confection is a refreshing switch from vampy burgundy-black for those who like their tips dark and dangerous!

What do you get when you combine an
aerospace physicist's ingenious products of nutrient-rich, highly potent Miracle Broth™ an insanely luxe blend of sea kelp, vitamins and minerals? Answer: one very devoted following. This skin-transforming formula recharges the skin's electrical balance with so much antioxidants the mythical Crème de la Mer ensures ageless radiance,protects the skin's DNA, and replenishes moisture continuously for a look of soft & illuminating splendor. Crème de la Mer is pure science at its best offering unparalleled benefits like no other brand in comparison—quite simply, you will skin look, feel and moves like age defying skin.... that's priceless!

This multipurpose, rose tinted moisturizer soothes lips, dry skin, burns and many, many more (tip ladies - it also makes an excellent gloss over a matte lipstick)... Worth every penny!


mona lisa said...

cult classics for sure the le mer is so great it's worth the price although I have learned to be frugile with it ... had a girlfriend who used it on her belly when she was pregnant now if that isn't luxurious i don't know what is!

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