Thursday, November 19, 2009


A chic handheld mirror, in my mind, feels as heavy as a bowling ball, has a ornate surface, and makes a loud "click" you can hear across town. But my reality sets in with my constant schlepping, traveling and 'on the go' mode needs something a bit more sleek - enters the latest from Satina Spectra insanely chic interchangeable hand held mirrors you can use at home or your desktop or traveling...
Satina Spectra Lime Green Hand Mirror & Satina Spectra Cool Blue Round Hand Mirror

Get ready for your close-up with the Satina Spectra Hand Mirrors. This optically correct mirrors has no distortion that lets you get a clear look at your beautiful face—at home or en route. This little gem makes the ideal travel companion for precise makeup application and brow shaping. Must have!
Craving some luxe? Here's a 40% discount code from the Beauty Gods BrushLove type in “blog40” during checkout for the discount.
Please note that this offer expires on 11-25-09 and does not apply to the Mason Pearson brand.

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