Friday, November 20, 2009


This depressing state of my bank account is forcing me to take a serious financial hideous on what some would call unnecessary luxuries, like a salon pedicure. Being an optimist (and more importantly a doll who needs to keep up with her beauty maintenance!) I have invested in some uber luxe yet wallet friendly treats sure to keep my feet gleaming, hydrated and soft during the winter season!
Sinking into a pedicure chair may be the ultimate act of pampering, but if your like me you will have to invest in these must have to maintain your well-groomed feet.

Wearing socks helps your foot cream go even further. The nourishing agents will cradle your feet as you go about your business. The Eco-Peekys ($30) from Peekys Toes are perfect - the uber soft and absorbent socks are perfect for your after pedi d.i.y. treatment!
Emjoi Power 9 Ladies Razor

A good pedi doesn't entirely depend on polish alone - I for one need super soft, smooth, hairless legs and with Emjoi's Power 9 Ladies Razor ($19.95) the stylishly cute , 9- blade essential delivers a clean, close shave you will save a bundle skipping on your bi-weekly waxing appointments!
Woman Pamper and Moisturise Shave Gel

King of Shaves Woman - Pamper and Moisturise Shave Gel softens and lifts the hair for perfectly shaved legs, underarms, or bikini line. This advanced emollient protects delicate skin from irritation and helps prevent nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. There's nothing like baby soft skin and a shining pedi - instant mood lifter!

No one wants to see your dry, cracked heels, so after showering or before bed, I've religiously slather on DDF's PEDI-CREAM the ultra luxe rich lotion full of vitamins and healing ingredients. It's worth the splurge ladies!

Apply this moisturizing mask on the feet and ankles, and seal them with plastic wrap and a terry towel for 3-5 minutes - it will literally transform your tired feet.

Nail Lacquer COLOUR in Putty

We are true believers of luxe nail lacquers! CND nail hues are rich, goes on smooth and are worth every penny! Use toe separators or weave tissue over and under, then apply base coat, two thin coats of nail polish in your chosen color and one thin coat of top coat. Let dry for two minutes, then shoot all ten nails with quick-dry spray. Sit for at lest ten to fifteen minutes.

Ladies please don't forget to prep your cuticles! Pull one foot from the bath, massage a drop of cuticle oil onto each toenail, and use the must have Pushy with Nail Cleaner by Tweezerman ($17) around the nail to remove any dead skin that might be clinging to the nail plate. Switch feet, and submerge the first foot back in the water...

With a little maintenance, a good pedicure can last three weeks. To prevent chipping, swipe on a topcoat with polish extender twice a week. (We adore the ZOYA Color Lock System ) Treat calluses right out of the shower every other day, and dab on a little cuticle balm once you've dried off.

When you're finished, marvel at your handiwork, and smile when you remember you don't have to tip yourself or carefully transport yourself home in paper flip-flops.


organic foundation said...

Love the wide variety of products that you discuss here.I love the nail polish colors and the foot pampering products too.

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