Friday, November 20, 2009


Mally Roncal knows how to beat a face! With superstar clients to a coveted beauty line Mally deliver luxe on a silver platter and the best part you don't have to have Beyonce's bank account to look like a million bucks!
Intriguingly mysterious, and inevitably sexy, the mally beauty smoky eye (as seen on the red carpet worldwide!) is made all the more alluring with a medley of hues and textures and a touch of sparkle. Illuminating skin and candlelight nude lips balance a seductive eye, for an irresistibly come-hither creation... perfected by the Queen of Glam herself... Ladies & Gents take note!

  • Using Flat Concealer Brush, apply Concealer under eyes to brighten and conceal darkness, and also across eyelids for a crease-proof and long-lasting base for color application






  • Base: Using finger, apply Cream to powder Eyeshadow base to the eyelid, blending to a fresh finish - which will help your smokey eye last all day.
  • Lid: Apply the lightest shadow and lightly dust over the entire eyelid with Wide Contour Brush - this help open up the eyes.
  • Bridge: Apply the medium shadow tone to the outer corner of the eyelid with Eye Contour Brush - starting at the lash line and stopping just past the crease of the eye.
  • Bridge Part Deux: Using a flat shadow brush, take the darkest tone and apply with the side of the brush all along the lash line, both top and bottom.
  • Line: Line the upper and lower lash lines with Eyeliner Pencil. Smudge the darker Eyeshadow along upper and lower lash lines using Smudge Brush
Mally's Tip: Don't worry about drawing one straight line - it's okay to feather it with short strokes that blend together.
Paint the Town Ultimate Brush Kit

  • Whatever look you're going for invest in Ultimate Brush Kit by Mally - the outcome will always be luxe!

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