Monday, November 16, 2009

What's the best way to bathe a newborn baby? Sponge cushions hold bacteria, many infant tubs are too large, and those inflatable ones are just a joke. Haute Moms are not inflating anything, especially when they already have so much to do in their ultra-busy lives. Luckily, Prince Lionheart has developed the perfect solution. The WashPod is a bathing tub especially created for babies aged newborn to 6 months. With a design that mimics the safe, secure confines of a mother's womb, bathtime becomes a breeze for both mother and child. And speaking of breeze, the WashPod's high walls keeps your baby warm and protected from draughts. No wonder it comes highly recommended by so many midwives and doctors! The WashPod also dries easily, and when not bathing your child you can even use it to store bath toys and soaps. All-in-all, a great bathtime accessory!

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