Friday, November 13, 2009

Young, Fabulous & Broke: Living Luxe on a Buck!

With airfares what they are, my daydreams of jetting off to the Maldives this winter may have to remain just that. For now, I tell myself, "Next Christmas," as I gaze longingly at my lackluster bank account. Not to be a pessimist I've come up with a fabulous plan to live luxe on a buck so this time next year I'll be readying myself to jet off to the exotic local of my dreams...

My YF&B plan is equal parts brains, style and trail-blazing, in a way I liken to Hard Knock Life turned Uber Rich Gal Annie ( just minus the red curls and Daddy Warbucks - although I wouldn't mine if he adopted me.. )

Sonia Rykiel for H&M
Launches December 5th

Who doesn't love pret a porter on the cheap? With all the Designer/Mass Market collaborations (Jimmy Choo for H&M anyone...) there is no excuse on spending on a $2,500 dress or $1,200 when you can get it for the fraction of the cost! We're in a recession ladies....

While I am not totally green (darlings it takes a lot of green to do so!) I have found that some expenses such as water bottles are extremely costly and hazardous to the Earth's well-being! My solution : invest in these uber chic Aluminum Water Bottles by Gaiam - they come in a plethora of styles so you can coordinate your beverage with your look! How fabulous is that?

Rhinestone Studs
$.99 a pair

GirlProps' rhinestone studs for pierced ears are small enough to wear for day and will accent every look with subtle shimmer. Treat yourself, or give them as a gift at literally $1 a pair you can splurge on these faux diamonds without bailing out on the rent.
Original Fig Bar
Box of 15 bars - $23.85

I am a sweet fanatic - being that my affinity for indulgences does not coincide with my budget nor waistline Figamajigs Fig Bars are the answer! These delicious treats not only curb my chocolate cravings it also saves me a bundle on snacks!
Can we say ka-ching.....

Good news for everyone who doesn't have enough time to exercise: Shorter, intense bursts of activity may be as beneficial as longer workouts - which is heaven sent for those of us who can't afford the gym or who are limited on free time. Personal trainer and Taekwondo black belt, Marc Lebert, of Lebert Fitness has created the 10 minute Daily Exercise Prescription that with the cost of a gym, will increase your aerobic capacity and endurance. This short but informative interval training is an effective strategy for people who have limited budget and time to exercise.

Satina Spectra's Flexible Mirror offers luxury, style, and convenience for the gal on the go. With it's flexible, handle it's perfect for the home, office and schlepping around town. This jet set mirror lets you channel the creative process into a personalized expression of beauty—your signature look (all at the affordable price of just under $10)!

The T3 Glow Styler Flat Iron is a petite wonder that lets you straighten your hair to silky perfection at home or on the go! This ultra-compact, convenient design makes a professional quality coif portable. Trust your tresses to the expert tourmaline ceramic plates that will transform your locks delivering seriously sleek results - without the expensive salon bill....

The motto “fake it till you make it” may have a questionable success rate when it comes to a job, but it can work wonders for the gal on a budget when it comes to having runway worthy locks. Getting weekly treatments can be costly so our solution is the luxurious cheap in(fus)ium 23 products - especially the (repair)ologie treatment. All you need is one dollop of this leave in treatment—loaded with castor oil and other mane transforming properties —for unbelievably silky hair.

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke is financial expert Suze Orman's opus lays it out in black and white on the most effective way to get some green!!!!! Get the book ladies - that's an order!

New York City MTA
Metro Card
Fare starts at $2.25

While there was once a time I shelled out over $30 per hour for car service on a daily basis I have come to appreciate public transportation as my main source for travel. Riding the iron horse has saved me hundreds this year alone...

If you're just hitting the drugstore aisles for Advil and deodorant, you are seriously missing out. HARD CANDY wallet friendly cosmetics line (sold exclusively at Walmart) is the best alternative to shelling out big bucks for the latest in beauty trends. The intense pigments give gorgeous color, and the formula is smooth - with so many products —it's the bargain of the century.
For as long as I could remember I purchased lipsticks and glosses in the ranges of $20 and up so when I discovered Hardy Candy's Painted Lady Lipstick I was flabergasted! The insanely rich texture glides on like a dream, and the results are outstanding. Each hydrating bullet saturates lips with color and shine.

A low ponytail, a pair of kicky trousers, and blast of FLIRTATIOUS®, and BOOM: You're Lauren Hutton, circa 1973. If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to be rich, free-spirited, and powerful—and under no man’s thumb—well, now you'll know.

Now here's the rub: With all of the money you've just saved, it's tempting to spend all your $$ on something decadent like another pair of shoes. I'll leave that dilemma for you....


Jeannie said...

Those studs are UBER cute !! can even be a great party favor !!!!

I'm so going to make a trip down memory lane and go to girl props to see what goodies I can score!

Christine Elisabeth Hueber said...

Thanks for the great tips! I'll subscribe so I'm sure to get the latest from you.

Christine Elisabeth Hueber

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