Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bust A Move With Petra Kolber!

If you loathe the treadmill, despise the elliptical machine and wouldn't be caught in a spin class, there's one women whose calorie-burning workout that might be up your alley: PETRA KOLBER and her Fit Life Wellness Series. Petra’s method (Petra is one of the most influential fitness professionals in the industry) has become famous not just for trimming bodies but also for transforming lives. Like a sculptor who can envision the finished piece underneath all that clay Petra molds you to perfection with her metabolism inducing, fat burning workout! All of Petra's Fit Life Wellness Series reflect the ideology of the fitness goddess and motivational speaker, Petra Kolber, who believes the body's potential is an unrealized resource. The Fit Life Wellness Series she conceived, combines the excitement of authentic dance moves with the fun of participating in the group fitness experience. Her highly entertaining workouts were designed to push everyday men and women past their comfort zone, tapping into their own strength and ability to face the daily challenges of their lives - all while busting a move! Petra's physical presence and spirit will capture not only your heart but will inspire to challenge yourself to be the best you possibly can be! Ladies and Gentleman once you begin your PK regime you will become a devoted Kolber acolyte!

Created and taught by the very toned and vociferous Petra, Just Dance - the physically demanding DVD will definitely challenge you. This 60 minute body scpulting routine with it’s upbeat music, motivating instructor, and awe inspiring atmosphere may just be the spice you need to shake up your fitness routine. Addictive it is....

Boot Camp Boogie, $19.95

Kolber leads you in a butt kicking Boot Camp Boogie - adding repetitions and destabilizing the body while performing her haute body transforming exercise. Petra will inspired you in this 60 minute workout - her perfectly molded, impossibly lithe, haute gal-encased physique on your tv screen is the best motivation for sticking it out. After a sweat inducing Petra Kolber DVD experience you will truly feel triumphant!

For more information on Petra Kolber, her DVDs and motivational speaking check out petrakolber.com

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