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Kristi Yamaguchi—mother of two, devoted wife, and world renown athlete—exudes the confidence of a woman who has come into her own and is enjoying her moment as a media darling, philanthropist and most importantly a haute mom! This winter Kristi is a spokesperson for The Faces of Influenza campaign - a national educational initiative that encourages all families to seek the much needed vaccination. We are so thrilled to have Kristi be our 1st ever Haute Mom interview - here she talks about her fitness regime, 'me time', must haves and most importantly her family.... enjoy!
Kristi Yamaguchi
Athlete, artist, wife, haute mom, philanthropist

LPB: You have accomplished great feats at such a young age: world renowned athlete, successful business woman, philanthropist not to mention wife and mother - how do you stay focused?

KY: Right now, my priority is looking after my family. I pay a lot of attention to scheduling. Between school and activities, my daughters, Keara and Emma, are sometimes busier than I am! Having great family support at home is also a huge help.

LPB: What are the key factors that helped you evolve from Kristi Yamaguchi the figure skater to Kristi Yamaguchi the brand? What is your mantra?

KY: Only getting involved in projects that I believe in and that completely fit into my lifestyle have always been my guideline. I am also thankful to have a great group around me that helps me make my decisions.
LPB: Being a figure skater your performance outfit was just as important as your routine - how do you describe your personal style?

KY: I like to keep up with the trends but I also keep it appropriate for where I am in my life. After all, I am a mother of two young girls! I am into more feminine designers such as Tory Birch, Nanette Lepore and Rebecca Taylor.

LPB: Here at LPB we are obsessed with shoes, jewelry, beauty etc. - what are some of your staples you can not live without?

KY: A woman can never have enough pairs of jeans! I also cannot live without Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. One of the jewelry pieces dearest to me is a bracelet that skaters gave to me. It has diamond stars that represent each year I toured with Stars on Ice, which was ten years total.
LPB: With the holiday season looming and the dire state of the economy so many people have sacrificed their gym memberships. What tips would you give to our readers on staying in shape outside of the gym?

KY: I suggest "ExerciseTV on Demand" which I have used before! Walking or biking around neighborhood can be helpful especially during the holidays. When you are shopping, maybe you can park your car a little further away to the store entrance for an extra walk.
LPB: As an athlete, your health was critical to your performance, especially in the winter months. What advice do you have for maintaining the health of yourself and your family?

KY: My family's health always comes first, no matter what I have on my plate. One simple step to keeping them healthy is to get everyone vaccinated against influenza every year. I have two young girls so flu shots for them are a must. I even make sure everyone who comes into contact with them (like my husband, my parents, his parents - even the babysitter) is vaccinated. I've been working with the American Lung Association's Faces of Influenza campaign for several years now because this is a message I really support. Every year an estimated 36,000 people die and 226,000 are hospitalized because of this seasonal disease. With more than 250 million "faces" of influenza in our country, it is likely you or someone you love fall in the groups recommended for vaccination.

LPB: 2010 is swiftly approaching – do you have any surprises in store for us in the upcoming year?

KY: I will have presence at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Please stay tuned!

LPB: We recently launched the Haute Mom Series. Being a mother of two, what is the 1 tip you would suggest all Haute Moms do this season?

KY: Well, besides making sure their family is vaccinated against influenza, I think that all Haute Moms should take time for themselves. Whether it's getting a massage, facial or even a night out with the girls, I think it's important to have some "me" time

To learn more about the American Lung Association's program and the many "faces" of influenza, visit

We would like to thank Haute Mom Kristi Yamaguchi and the lovely
Janice Miller for contributing to our Haute Mom Series...