Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keeping Up With Ms. Jones

Grace Jones - with her velvety smooth skin, no holds bar fashion and signature look has inspired legions of GJ acolytes for decades (hello - Rihanna) ... here are a few gems we are sure to have even the Grand Dame of Fierce (no kids - not Sasha) herself squeal with delight!
Nail COLOUR Lacquer in Plumville

CND's Plumville is a bold fuchsia that's especially sexy on toes, but the shimmer-free finish manages to look sophisticated on fingers, too.
Volumizing Mascara

The magical brush made it easy to hit our wimpy outer lashes, and the formula delivered: Our lashes were so long that they practically touched our brows - GJ would envy us honey!

Grace Jones is known the world over for her awe inspiring deep maghongy complexion (we should all be so lucky) - because cold weather equals dry skin, and moisturizing becomes even more important once those temperatures start to drop. We're currently surviving on SHISEIDO Future Solution LX cream, which is designed for super hydration and prolonged firmness--and mon petits I kid you not your skin will be glowing .
Fired Up Power Gloss

A uber haute Fire Engine Red lipgloss that not will boost your confidence to a GJ epic proportions with the procedes going to Count Me In, a nonprofit that benefits women's movement for economic independence - Ms. Jones approved!
Tom Binns
Heart brooch

GJ is legendary for being a man eater and this Tom Binns Heart Brooch is so apropos ...
Viktor & Rolf
Zipper bracelets

Black lacquered bracelets with zippers - these industrial stunners are beyond cute - the splashes of color works so well - I need these in my life (very GJ circa the Keith Haring days)

Gold Dynamite ring

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, c'est vrai. But there are certain times when it's okay to fargo it all together- we can go without stones sometimes...especially when you have the Mawi stamp of approval. This strass gold ring is pure attitude, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in chic. The chunky, spike encrusted dome and wide gold band are enough to glam up any ensemble--no trust fund required -- GJ would approve...
Viktor & Rolf
Mesh sandal boot

These mesh sandal boots aren't for the faint of heart - neither is Ms. Jones!

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