Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Louise Galvin: Tis the season to deck the halls & your hair with Lousie Galvin's Natural Hair Care Collection

At this time of year, we all long for classics, - eggnog, "Twas the Night Before Christmas," "Auld Lanf Syne." However, when it comes to holiday looks from our mane to our skin, the holiday standards have nothing to do with whether mice are stirring or Old Saint Nick! We, ladies are all about intrinsic sexiness that never goes out of style - smoldering curls, sleek hair, tumbling waves, high shine color and luminous skin. In comes mane maestro Louise Galvin- her eponymous natural hair care collection are your must have holiday tools, needed to archive these timeless looks (no matter the trend, hair or skin type). And talk about a holiday bonus: these timeless effects won't break the bank and with Louise Galvin products it takes little to no time to execute. We'll lift a glass (of our famous eggnog) to that.

Holiday Look: Smoldering Curls
Tool: Volumising Kit £25.00

Louise Galvin's Volumising Kit is a moisture-rich styling secret weapon that builds body and offers a long-lasting dose of high-impact volume. This hair-perfecting must-have also fights fly-aways and puts you in full control of your mane. Use the spray and velcro rollers for a haute off the runway look!

Holiday Look: Sleek Straight Hair
Tool: Deep Conditioning Treatment £9.95

Deep Conditioning Treatment brings an element of power to your haircare regimen. Louise Galvin has formulated this phenomenal treatment to provide healing benefits to your hair. This treatment is a unique and intense curative formula based on vegetable proteins that rapidly improves the condition of the hair.

To use: Massage into wet, freshly shampooed hair and scalp to stimulate. For best results leave treatment on for 3-15 minutes. For best results: use a hot, wet towel over a plastic cap. Rinse with cool water. *LPB Note: The product slightly hardens as it dries; proving that the hair takes the moisture it needs and does not over condition like some treatments providing immediate moisture improvement to all hair types without weighing it down... Superb!

Holiday Look: High Shine Color...
Tool: Vitox £25.00

Louise Galvin's Vitox Kit is a complete program that repairs and prepares your hair and preserves the intensity of your color with a proven color protection factor thanks to it's revolutionary formula of oxygen and vitamins. The easy-to-use three step kit protects your color and reveals your hair's natural radiance. Step one preserves your hair color, step two provides in-depth repair and color protection, and step three repairs and detangles hair on a daily basis.

Holiday Look: Tumbling Waves
Tool: Conditioner for Thick or Curly Hair £24.00

This unique, hair and scalp conditioning treatment quickly and thoroughly absorbs into the skin and hair. Helps increase firmness, elasticity and vital hydration, leaving skin and hair feeling velvety-smooth with no oily residue. This antioxidant-rich conditioner replenishes precious oil to the skin and hair that are lost over time, while protecting from harmful free-radical damage. Plus, the sulfate-free formula won't strip hair color and essential oils from hair and skin. Your Waves will be unbelievable!

Holiday Look: Luminous Skin
Tools: Hand & Body Lotion £13.95

Hand & Body Lotion by Louise Galvin is an ultra rich, remarkable cream that instantly rehydrates, increases moisture retention, smooths and plumps, increases elasticity and firmness, rejuvenates, repairs, and provides environmental protection to dehydrated skin on the hands and body. Works for all types of skin - worth every penny...added bonus has a 12 month shelf life!!!!

*Haute Mom Alert*
Tool: Mother To Be Treatment £26.00

This Haute Mom approved formula improves elasticity to support and maintain a beautifully healthy mane. Its properties allow it to calibrate according to your hair fibers' particular emollient needs. It absorbs immediately, softening hair upon contact, and rinses clean without leaving a residue. Cumulative results mean that hair improves continually with regular use during your pregnancy... what's not to love?

*LPB NOTE... We are absolutely obsessed with the Natural Hair Care Line... a must have for all hair types!*

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