Tuesday, December 8, 2009


If, like me, you were simultaneously romanced by the out of this world-themed beyond body con dresses at Alexander Wang, beguiled by the thigh-skimming boots by Christian Louboutin and seduced by the shredded, Kurt Cobain–worthy jean at Balmain, you are (a) possibly a bit of a fashion whore, and (b) already keenly aware of the current prominence of nearly all the designers showing off one's bodily features. Perhaps, even as you read this, you’re shrugging. Maybe you’re muttering something along the lines of Yeah, so? No biggie. If this is the case, God bless you and your 'I don't need to work out' physique, too. The rest of us, on the other hand, have cause for concern. Or causes; mine start with a little extra padding in areas I prefer to keep to myself... With the holidays just a few weeks away I was weighing various body-perfecting options—and one person rather entity came to mind: Patrick Goudeau - the fitness maestro known the world over for his body sculpting fitness regime was just what the I need this holiday season to get in shape! Known for his revolutionary fitness experience that engages body, mind and spirit Patrick G help legions of devout Goudeau acolytes look and feel great by building muscle strength, promoting cardiovascular health, improving body tone, bolstering endurance and enhancing confidence. Since it's the holidays Patrick G has been so kind to give us his Haute Body Recipe to take your flab to fab in no time!



Monday & Saturday : Use the sweat inducing, heart racing HWC 24/7 - the 60 minute work out will increase metabolism and burn more calories than any other workout on the scene! Combining strength training and stepping techniques, HWC 24/7 incorporates challenging muscle isolation exercises, explosive reflex training and high-speed movements with light weights to increase muscle definition, boost strength and burn optimum fat.

Tuesday & Thursday: Pop the Playball in 4 and have Patrick lead you in blazing body sculpting combinations in rapid-fire sequences combined with intervals of medicine ball drills, push-ups and squats. Every muscle in the body battles against gravity in this workout designed to enhance endurance, speed, stamina, power, coordination, tone and muscle strength.

Wednesday & Friday: Alternate between the HWC 24/7 & PLAYBALL in 4 - whatever your personal goals, Patrick G's DVD will help you reach your potential - we've noticed a huge difference after doing these programs for a month.. and trust - you will too.

Sunday: Rest - a week of Patrick G calls for some R&R!

Options: Alternate between the HARD WORK CONDITIONING 24/7 & PLAYBALL in 4 or Patrick's other DVDs so you won't get bored with the routine.. You'll be svelte in no time!

For more information on Patrick G, must have DVDs or his amazing blog check out patrickgfitness.com

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nice... lpb do a high step giveaway!