Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Maybe it's our decades long love affair with haute hair couture, but for some reason we're completely obsessed with luxurious hair accessories. Our habit began in high school when I would adorn chopsticks and where it in my hair on a daily basis (true story) , but now that we have a full-on addiction (and a bank account), we've moved on to some stronger stuff. In comes the Grand Dame of Haute Hair Accessories Colette Malouf - add a dash of Philip Treacy, Christian Dior and Coco Chanel you will get the Lebanese Goddess behind the number 1 hair accessories brand in the world! Her hair combs and headbands are to die for - each piece conveys a sense of opulence and decadence that is truly indescribable. We are beyond elated to have Colette share with you all her Top 10 Haute Holiday Hair Tips... pay attention dolls there's a fantastic surprise!

The Goddess of Luxe Hair Accessories Colette Malouf

1- For an Audrey Hepburn style updo, use a natural hair piece (from a beauty supply store) to create a voluminous bun at the crown of your head with a slicked back ponytail that gets spread around the hairpiece. Tie a crystal headstrap with silk cords around this large nest like bun.Or, clip the large flower in the front to the side of the bun for a tres Francaise look.

2- If your hair is below shoulder length you can pull it into an elastic at the crown of your head, and on the third twist, don't pull it all the way through. Spread out the double ponytail into a fan. When at the crown of your head, let it hang. Then place a crystal mesh headstrap
with silk cords with the ornamental side at the nape of your neck and tie the silk cord like a large floppy bow in the front of your face. It's very un-expected and elegant.

3- For another variation of the doubled ponytail as described above, do it at the very top of your head and use bobby pins to secure the sides of the looped hair down for the ultimate "top knot". Add an over sized mesh flower clip to one side of the front or back of the topknot for a smashing effect.

4- If you have layers to frame your face you can wear one of my crystal encrusted or wavy mesh headbands with about an inch or so of your hair framing the face. Let your hair lay on top of the sides of the headband which is designed to be flat for this purpose. It's a very relaxed feminine look.

5- My favorite era for head dressing is the 1920's and my silk jersey headwrap with a hand crocheted wire flower on the side is the most dapper worn over hair down. Or under the hair onto the forehead with a great twist along the top of your head. With hair down, be sure to loosen the hair at the back of the head for a a little volume that creates a great side silhouette. With hair up, use a long hairpiece to
create a french twist on top of your head.

A beautiful array of Colette's Haute Hair Collections...

6- The classic "French Twist" is modernized with a large hand made plastic comb that hugs the shape of your head (see step-by-step instructions at colettemalouf.com). The cobweb lace design makes for a dramatic and bold statement that could be considered "Modern Geisha".

7- For dramatic elegance, mix textures by layering materials. Wear a pin & black silk jersey headscarf and layer a black hand crochet floral wire headstrap on top of it. The fine black lines of the wire look like an artist's sketch on the smoothness of the blush pink silk.

8- To make a daring statement, wear the above and then make a "Chignon Twist" (see how at colettemalouf.com) with a pearl and crystal webbed flower pony and add smaller pearl and crystal flower hairpins for a bouquet effect. This look is best paired with the contrast of a "Le Smoking" type tuxedo jacket and pearl earrings.

9- For hair down with a little volume at the back of the head while stll framing the face, pull hair back from the temples and give it a little twist. Use my "Rock Crystal" wire comb to secure it by pushing the comb from the bottom of the twist up into the hair.

10- I LOVE hairpins and one of my favorite twists is what I call the "Figure 8 Twist" (see instructions at colettemalouf.com). Calling all long hair girls! This style lets you keep the hair around your face in a downward direction unlike many other topknots. You can
keep loose hair around your face and make this twist which is simply done by making a low chignon and bending it upward to then be secured by one of my ergodynamically designed hairpins in resin or rock crystal. The curve in the hairpin gently hugs the head keeping the twist up without a tight pull. Beauty and comfort, wow!

Ladies the chicfest isn't over yet! Colette herself will gift 1 uber lucky LPBer with the 2 fabulous headbands (pictured below) scroll down to see how you can enter....

To Enter The Colette Malouf Haute Hair Giveaway Do The Following:
2. RT 'I WANT MY HAUTE CM HAIR!' to twitter.com/lapetiteblog.com
3. Email Your Full Name And Address to GiveMeLuxe@LaPetiteBlog.com

The Winner Will Be Announced On December 8th!

Note the contest is open to US residents only - thank you.


Valerie H. said...

I am following Colette Malouf on Twitter! (mamavalveeta03)

Valerie H. said...


Alison said...

I am following Colette Malouf on Twitter @SocialAlison and tweeted to La Petite Blog! I love headbands -- they are my addiction!

Jules said...

Hi! I follow on twitter and have tweeted about this contest daily!!! (@jules792000)

james said...

Yo! your posting is very informative.really your hair tips is very nice.thanx

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