Monday, December 14, 2009

The Ultimate DIVA Workout

You’ve found the perfect man, have an magnificent job and just brought your dream home. If your dream life also include being in top shape, use this workout plan by Stephanie Vitorino.
Stephanie Vitorino known for her enviable figure and fitness prowess is a force to be reckoned with! The ultra haute L.A. fitness trainer has blessed the masses with her must have The Ultimate Body Shaper the revolutionary DVD designed to be performed weekly, three to five days a week, with sessions lasting 70 body slimming minutes this workout builds on the progress you've made after each work out. Stephanie's Vbody regime will sculpt your body like never before - don't believe us just ask any one of her faithful acolytes. Do the following to insure your DIVA status...

Getting In VShape
Visit your doctor. You need his or her OK before starting any diet or exercise plan. Keep a journal. Start by writing down your workout goals, and make them as specific as you can—think "I want to lose five pounds and tone my shoulders."
Size yourself up. Measure your waist, hips, thighs and arms. Step on the scale to find your starting weight. Finally, calculate your body-fat percentage (or body mass index) at Record this info in your journal, then weigh and measure yourself every week after.
Pen it in. In your planner, block out time each day for exercise just as you would for an important meeting.
Get in tune. Load your MP3 player with songs that motivate you.
Equip yourself. You'll need cross-training shoes and a supportive sports bra. If your budget allows, consider a heart-rate monitor, floor mat, high step and weights. Of course check out Stephanie's website for updates and her body transforming VBody tips.

With the new year approaching who doesn't want to look and feel your best? With Stephanie Vitorino & The Ultimate Body Shaper it's possible...

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