Friday, December 18, 2009

Wishing on a Star ... I want these for my house!!!!

My Dream Items...
Because my apartment is begging me for something a little over-the-top, who can resist a little wishful thinking - non? Minimalist lighting scheme it ain't, but it's impossible to argue with this Chanel Silk Scarf Chandelier by Suzan Fellman, $9,200.00 along with the must have DecoDame French Art Deco Chair, $3,900 which literally sets my heart on fire! Pair it with the ultra luxe Mark Shaw-Backstage at Pierre Balmain #6 - Paris, 1954 print, $1,100 and the Andrew Spindler 19TH C CHINESE IVORY DOCTOR'S MODEL, $2,700 I will be the talk of the town... Where's Daddy Warbucks when you need him?



aynaf said...

The loveseat is cute.

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