Monday, January 18, 2010

Book It! Must Have Tome of The Month!

TITLE: The Last Chance Millionaire: It's Not Too Late to Become Wealthy
By Douglas R. Andrew
Business Plus

Synopchic: Money maven Doug R. Andrew's latest book The Last Chance Millionaire: It's Not Too Late to Become Wealthy (Business Plus), addresses the complicated (and often dysfunctional) relationship men and women the world over have with personal finance. Andrew's direct, non-condescending style is perfect for this subject matter--he begins with the premise that it's never too late to have financial security. Though his explanation of the Three Miracles of Wealth Accumulation: the Miracle of Compound Interest, the Miracle of Tax-Favored Accumulation, and the Miracle of Positive, Safe Leverage, Andrew explodes many of the commonly-held myths about 401ks, pensions, paying down one's mortgage, and other forms of retirement planning - the tome is inspirational and practical, he also presents a concrete "save yourself plan" for financial repair, starting with setting aside checking and savings accounts, fixing one's credit rating, saving for retirement, setting up a will and purchasing home insurance. This encouraging guide will not intimidate those who are foundering financially. Andrew equips men & women with the financial knowledge and emotional awareness to overcome the blocks that have kept them from making more out of the money they have to gain!

LPB FACTOR: With the looming economic crisis this book is a MUST for all ! From realizing your self-worth to overcoming debt Doug R. Andrew's leaves no stones unturned in this eye-opening book. Not only does he teach you to repair your financial situation he gives you hope! DRA is a force to be reckon with and with this book in no time you can too! Go out and splurge on this life changing tome...

COST: $16.99

AVAILABLE: hachettebookgroup

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