Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Call It A Comback!

If you're dissatisfied in your current position, fantasize about doing something else with your life, or have just unceremoniously been given a pink slip, mon petits - the game is not over! It's never too late to start fresh and forge ahead on a fulfilling new career path. Lisa Johnson Mandell, entertainment journalist turn career guru has the answer for you - in her brilliant CAREER COMEBACK (SpringBoard) she shows you how you can reinvent your career in this smart, straightforward guide to epic proportions! Mandell provides ten strategies for putting a youthful spin on resumes, Web pages, and personal presentation. Looking young and staying technologically current is crucial to competing in an increasingly tough job market. CAREER COMEBACK offers the ultimate makeover to-do list: From "botoxing" your resume by deleting dates and early jobs, tech-savvy tricks for starting and improving your website or blog and online networking, to updating your wardrobe, Mandell shares the secrets that will get mid-career job seekers noticed and on the payroll (if you're new to the job market it's a must have too! The more you know the better!) . Lisa Johnson Mandell's CAREER COMEBACK is a timely, comprehensive, and no-fluff guide that answers the all-important questions of career change. If you've ever wanted to reinvent yourself but haven't known where to start, read this book!

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