Thursday, January 28, 2010

The fall collections were all about texture—be it a pair of haute sari trousers at Balenciaga, a grosgrain puff sleeve at Proenza Schouler, or a bright silk-velvet dévoré dress at Rodarte. So it’s little surprise that nails are also following suit, turning up in cool just off the runway shades that offer a refreshing new alternative to the norm from high-gloss finish to glitter heaven. I don't know about you dolls, but the only thing I can afford straight off the runway is the nail lacquer : here's where Zoya comes in - the too haute nail care line offers an array of hues we can not wait to get our hands on this season!

Who doesn't have Avatar fever? This vibrant blue nail lacquer compliments any completion and the high shine finish will truly mesmerize you!


Oh Jo! This silvery blue nail lacquer is jam packed with opulence and decadence!

Purple is the new black...nail polish, that is. Juicy ($7) is versatile, high on gloss factor and works on both fingers and toes... yummy!

Mon Petits, I'm addicted to SouthBeach Ice ($7) the color goes on like a sheer dream and the outcome is always outstanding!!!!!

This glitter hue of perfection reminds me of Donna-Michelle (memorize the name dolls!) the oh so haute manicurist and inventor of the BlackBerry Bling & iPhone Bling (not familiar - check it out here!) the shade is uber high on glitz and will truly make any gal (or guy) camera ready!

ZOYA's Nail Lacquer in AKYRA ($7) is a out of this world metallic aqua blue with all the bells and whistles: flattering green undertones, a dazzling shine, and a mirror-like finish.

Some dark enamels make our nails so flat and inky, it looks like we scribbled on them with a dilapidated marker. Zoya's Nail Lacquer in Kotari ($7) puts an end to the felt-tip effect: The decadent deep aqua blue has metallic flecks to create a lustrous sheen.

Plenty of quick-dry topcoats are also quick to chip. But one thin layer of Zoya's Sparkle Gloss Top Coat ($9) produces bone-dry nails in 30 seconds—and smudge-free polish for a week added bones the sparkle will have your nails gleaming from miles away!

The day of the 'it' bag or shoe is over - it's all about the nails and with ZOYA anythings possible!


August Casati said...

just yummy oh so very yummy

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