Monday, January 4, 2010

Haute Treats, Patisseries, and Recipes - Oh My!

ike most Lovers of Paris I have a affinity for Maisons de Couture & Pâtissiers with the latter being more accessible (and delectable I might add!)
with Paris Pâtisseries (Flammarion) , you'll find the most enticing sweets in the City of Lights as well as the history behind the mouth watering concoctions that have Parisians and tourists alike indulging in the world's finest culinary treats. This is the 1st book of it's kind that explores the immense creativity and ingenuity behind the pastry making art form showcasing top pastry chefs, shops and mouth watering recipes -
Paris Pâtisseries brings home a taste of enchantment it's this season's essential guide is for anyone who wants to experience French culture, bite by delicious bite.

Photographed by Christian Sarramon
Foreword by Pierre Herme

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