Friday, January 15, 2010


WHEN you're a Haute Mom, a glamorous baby christening is de rigeur. We know your bébé lives a charmed fashion life - especially when the special moment comes for you to christen your petite one you want to adorn him or her in the best of the best- here's where Molly Brown christening jewellery comes in. From the Fresh Water Pearl Station Necklace to the Christening Bangle your bébé will look stellar in these oh so classic accoutrements. The collection is alluringly artistic, like small sculptures crafted from gorgeous materials. Every angle of each piece is totally complete - so while the front of a Gemstone Cross Necklace is covered in jewels—including generous gemstones stacked atop a pave-esqued layer—the back is entirely embellished too, with the Molly Brown signature (you will think the pieces were sent from above). In addition to numerous angel themes the pearl pieces are a must-have for your petite fille. For a look that’s straight Coco Chanel, layering on multiple strands of pearls (yes you can layer on your petite one) is an easy way to embrace the chunky necklace look that’s been spotted on catwalks across the globe and now on your camera ready bébé! You can also create an instant classic look with the Alphabet Initial Necklace that will surely become a family heirloom. Now Ladies don’t get envious of your bébé you too can look amazing for the event - create a DIY runway look à la Lanvin by securing a long satin, grosgrain, or velvet ribbon tied into a pretty bow to your string of pearls – you and your little one will turn heads (Posh isn’t the only Haute Mom , Darlings)! Whatever you do, just don’t limit your bébé’s look to his or her christening shawl- pair the pieces with jeans, tees, and onesies, if you please.

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