Monday, January 11, 2010

Romper Room Chic!

Having the cutest bébé on the block isn't always enough...not when he can be in the running for best dressed, too! PRE-K APPAREL has the coolest, most colorful, and trendiest items designed exclusively for infants and toddlers.
PRE-K APPAREL the ingenius streetwear collection founded by Boston Luminaries Renatta Hosein & Brain Pope is the hautest item you can dress your bébé in!
The PRE-K APPAREL onesie, the quintessential knock-around piece, is your child's official wardrobe MVP.
And for good reason: It's a simple, classic silhouette that's ingeniously versatile: tagless, uber soft materials, and the most cheekiest of designs—you can essentially have your bébé camera ready in a snap!
With chic styles like a tuxedo onesie, it's never too early to establish your little one at the top of the fashion food chain. And with a portion of each sale going to charity, not only are you teaching your bébé to fashion conscious, but socially conscious, as well!
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- Shima Green
Haute Mom Correspondent