Monday, January 4, 2010

Westwood's TKO

Vivienne Westwood went for a knock-out fashion punch at a fashion show, held in a boxing ring in Tokyo in November - yes I'm late covering this but I care not - V. Westwood is a genius and I can give praise whenever I fancy dolls!
Vivienne Westwood’s show (as usual), was all personal, with a liberating element of do-it-yourself in the cutting of the clothes.
This has been Ms. Westwood’s bent for some time: the asymmetrical, half-falling-off dress, the free-style print, the sexy pair of shorts that appears slashed - the rtw pieces with the couture tailoring a skill that the dame of London can only do.
In the high adrelaline setting of a boxing stadium in Tokoyo, Japan, it was easy to pick out the distinctive pieces that make Ms. Westwood, now in her late 60’s, a dedicated maverick. A millinery confection and frock was almost carelessly put together, as if Ms. Westwood — kept cutting away the unnecessary bits.
Dame Westwood used the collection to advance her concerns about the climate of fashion. She can do what she likes.
That’s the impressive beauty in the clothes. Piece by piece, with the models’ hair brushed upward and teasedd, or maybe stuck under a interesting hat , the collection was entirely individual.
A dream worthy dresses that would have Carrie Bradshaw weep traced the body’s contours.
V. Westwood's collection is a D.I.Yer's dream come true - with the tartan corseted top to the must have homme pieces it's beyond major...
These menswear pieces are so haute I want them for myself!
Color stories of pink, fushia and salmon made it's way on the runway - such a darling collection.
Lady Gaga wished she had the inventiveness of V.Westwood... (no shade)

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