Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beautiful Oeuvre

The first book to document the work—from fashion to design and photography —of the Paris-based Belgian couturiere, one of the reigning luminaries of the current fashion scene.
Vissionary, extravagant creator,and an luminous career are but a phrases that are synonymous with Olivier Theyskens - the Belgian wunderkind, once herald by Harper's Bazaar as an “Instant Icon,” is celebrated in the magnum opus - Olivier Theyskens: The Other Side of the Picture (ASSOULINE); famed for his high-concept catwalk shows and mysteriously romanctic collections, the radical Theyskens have taken the fashion world by storm (all at the tender age of 20). This sumptuously produced book is the most comprehensive exploration of Theyskens' work to date - is truly the definitive monograph of one of the world s foremost designers . The must have tome captures the feel , the grand ambiance, and creativity of the enigma that is Theyskens: it s all here - and yours for the taking!
With awe-inspiring and striking images reflecting Theyskens' extraordinary vision and fearless experimentation, this volume is a landmark in both the genres of fashion and photography...

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Stephanie said...

oh my gosh, that book looks so interesting! I've got to check it out!!