Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get In Shape With The Help Of Amy Dixon!

As the economy's tanked, so have our exercise habits: According to a recent Omnibus survey, 25 percent of Americans with gym memberships have cancelled them. But there are ways to stay in shape on little (or no) funds. With the upcoming holiday season approaching we can not let the decline in the economy increase our waistline! Amy Dixon's GIVE ME 10! DVD won't break the bank and will keep your svelte & chic all season long! (Consult your doctor before starting this or any exercise program.)
Dixon leads you in a butt kicking GIVE ME 10! (Anchor Bay Entertainment) - adding repetitions and destabilizing the body while performing her haute body transforming exercise (all in 10 minutes). Amy will inspired you in this 10 minute workout - her perfectly molded, impossibly lithe, haute gal-encased physique on your tv screen is the best motivation for sticking it out. After a sweat inducing Amy Dixon DVD experience you will truly feel triumphant!

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