Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Don't Cha?

Well, Ladies – there is nothing like a women who exudes confidence, but, frankly—our regrets to those who think you need Dr. 90210 to achieve it you’re sadly mistaken—it’s all about your health and fitness! No article off clothing or beauty product on earth can give you the same heady wild-child feel as slipping on a pair of skintight (real) black leather pants and knowing that it is the result from you taking care of your body, mind and soul! Just imagine Ladies – your dream ‘Haute Girl’ outfit sucks you up and in, and have the power to transform even the squarest, chino-loving librarian into a sexy Viper Room-trawling, ultra femme- super sweet haute girl – now if this is on your to-do list look no further then Robin Antin’s PussyCatDolls Workout. Robin Antin, the creator of the world famous PussyCatDolls knows a thing or two (honey – she knows it all) about being a confident women so she has blessed the masses with the must have workout regime sure to have you in shape and flaunting the ultimate rock and roll fantasy come true – watch out Nicole Scherzinger!

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