Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You won't have to worry about a 5 o'clock shadow with Urbana!

It's time to toss your Bic and your boyfriend's rusty can of shaving cream: Urbana - the masterminds behind eliminating unwanted hair has the ultimate luxury line of permanent hair removal treatments for women (and men) who are looking to stay smooth all year round! Like party crashers, we women (unfortunately) experience having a few (or a ton) of hairs that pop up, unexpected. For hairs on your chin, neck, nipples, toes, or any other inconvenient area, hair removal is the simplest (and quite frankly – only) option. But to eliminate those hairs forever, we highly suggest Urbana’s top notch hair removal treatments from the pain free waxing by Lycon to its plethora of laser treatments each designed to rid you of those unsightly growths you wished you never inherited in the first place! Here are our Urbana 101 tips when it comes to being fuzz free!

Shaving 101: Honestly – avoid it! As anyone who's ever held a razor knows, stubble will quickly return—sometimes within a matter of hours -- major no no.

Waxing 101: Here's an easy way to keep stubble away longer—we're talking days rather than hours—and get the hair to grow back finer and sparser over time. Lucky for you Urbana offers a full range of treatments that will rid you of any unwanted hair you might have.

Laser 101: Talk to anyone who's wielded a laser - especially one by the amazing team at Urbana, and they'll tell you that the Urbana treatments yield the best results. As in, the hair disappears the fastest and stays away the longest, with many women reporting that they have little or no hair growth in the area years after stopping treatment. To get to that point, you'll need about seven sessions, which is perfect since you will receive a discount if you go with a package. (The hair will thin out more and more with each session.) And when hair does start to reappear, the occasional maintenance session (once every few months) is usually enough to keep it at bay.

There you have it - the next time you dread looking at your reflection because of the "whiskers" you are sporting grab the phone and make an appointment - stat!


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