Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tired of having to rely on spanx when you slip on your frocks? The answer mon petites is Jessica Smith's 10 Minute Solution: Ultimate Boot Camp (Anchor Bay Entertainment)! JS will have you at full attention in this body sculpting, fat burning and ultra fast paced fitness regime. This 50 minute workout that can be done in 5 different 10 minute regimes or as a 50 minute haute body attack will literally transform your physique in no time! Jessica will lead you to the body you've always wanted and at less then $20 it's an investment that will certainly get you the body, confidence and heath you deserve....Are you ready?

Some Like It Short

Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom, $14.98
Anchor Bay Entertainment

Hemlines are getting higher! With the summer's cute cropped shorts, dresses, rompers and skirts -you'll be showing off your legs and your confidence thanks to the dancing goddess Julianne Hough's must have Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom (Anchor Bay Entertainment) dvd! The high energy, intense all over body workout incorporates a variety of ballroom inspired movements. Julianne is both ballroom diva authetic and non intimidating. The exercises incorporates three distinct fat burning, body sculpting moves of the Jive, Cha Cha, and Paso Doble - each sequence included variations of tempo changes, progressions, pulses and will truly make you look haute in no time at all (not to mention a full blown dancing machine). The divers cardio workout is a must for exercise novices, dance enthusiasts and those of us who want to show off our gams this season!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Even the most high-maintenance women are cutting back. Their methods for looking fabulous—for less without sacrificing their salon treatments is all the rage now and thanks to Urbana - you can have silky smooth skin without breaking the bank. Look no further if you want a quick, gentle, safe, and affordable way to diminish unwanted body hair then Urbana of Dublin! With it's intimate reception, and elegant, decorated rooms, the Urbana manages to convey high-end beauty treatments minus the rococo fanfare (or price point) for it's services.

Urbana's team of beauty connoisseurs perform quick, expert, and as painless as possible waxing and laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from (practically) anywhere. Urbana’s signature permanent hair removal therapies have been devised to address clients’ increasing desire for simple, effective, authentic and wallet friendly experiences without sacrificing the luxury - and boy do they deliver! With the various ranges of skin-friendly, effective, and toxic free wax and laser treatments, you can have your unwanted hair removed with minimal irritation, leaving your skin silky and smooth and your bank account intact. Added bonus: this lovely spa offers customized hair removal packages: Choose from a long list of well-executed services, including all manner of waxing and laser treatments (that include discounts!). You can now indulge without any guilt...what are you waiting for?

Pedicure, check. Eyebrow shape, check. Spray tan, double check. Bikini wax, ouch! If you've ever waxed something off, you know the drill: The appointment takes a few minutes, but the red mustache and/or crimson halo around your brows or lower regions that lasts for hours. Until now! Urbana's Pain Free Waxing By Lycon, packed with natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils dries faster than normal wax, doesn't break on removal, and gets a good grab on the hairs—all making the stuff less irritating and pain free to the skin. Unlike other spas whose permanent hair removal services are as painful as they come Dublin's leading Beauty and Medical Spas Urbana , spares you the pain with this state of the art treatment. Credited with having brought the most up to date beauty treatments to Dublin, Urbana's staff of professionals are friendly and as sensitive to your pain as can be ensuring you will be all smiles before, after and during the procedures.

So the next time you are dreading going in for your bi-weekly wax session head over to Urbana's for the outstanding Pain Free Waxing by Lycon added bonus: the treatment offers a painfree alternative to waxing and, as it minimizes hair breakage, you will find in-growing hairs less of a problem....what's not to love?