Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pedicure, check. Eyebrow shape, check. Spray tan, double check. Bikini wax, ouch! If you've ever waxed something off, you know the drill: The appointment takes a few minutes, but the red mustache and/or crimson halo around your brows or lower regions that lasts for hours. Until now! Urbana's Pain Free Waxing By Lycon, packed with natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils dries faster than normal wax, doesn't break on removal, and gets a good grab on the hairs—all making the stuff less irritating and pain free to the skin. Unlike other spas whose permanent hair removal services are as painful as they come Dublin's leading Beauty and Medical Spas Urbana , spares you the pain with this state of the art treatment. Credited with having brought the most up to date beauty treatments to Dublin, Urbana's staff of professionals are friendly and as sensitive to your pain as can be ensuring you will be all smiles before, after and during the procedures.

So the next time you are dreading going in for your bi-weekly wax session head over to Urbana's for the outstanding Pain Free Waxing by Lycon added bonus: the treatment offers a painfree alternative to waxing and, as it minimizes hair breakage, you will find in-growing hairs less of a problem....what's not to love?


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