Monday, July 19, 2010

Jetting Off ? Don't Forget To Wax It Off!

Travel season is upon us, and while we love to indulge in all the luxuries one can possible enjoy while on holiday one can not forget to keep up with beauty appointments (remember Miranda in the 1st Sex and The City Movie????) In the midst of packing, booking , shopping and jetting off, it's not always easy to find the time to fit in those essential pre-holiday treatments, but luckily the ultra luxe beauty mecca Urbana makes a perfect pit-stop for pampering on the run. Drop into one of the sleek and modern beauty and medical Spa for laser hair removal, waxing, tinting and tweezing - the full gamut from the ultra-friendly therapists - and be out of the door in a snap (no pun intended). Added bonus: the beauty and medical spa - the premiere of Dublin offers customized hair removal packages: Choose from a long list of well-executed services, including all manner of waxing and laser treatments (that include discounts!)as well as a plethora of other beauty treatments that will have you ready for your holiday in no time. You can now indulge before your amazing is that?

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