Monday, August 9, 2010

Haute Off The Presses!

Mon Petits, this month brings 3 new gorgeous tomes designed specifically for your cutting edge HAUTE coffee tables!

Art of the Middle East
Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World and Iran
Saeb Eigner
Foreword by Zaha Hadid

The Middle East with it's illustrious history, tradition and culture has long been overlooked when it came to contemporary art - not anymore. In Eigner's Art of the Middle East : Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World and Iran (Merrell) this glamorous book examines the iconic and yet mysterious culture's use of manipulating modern and contemporary culture as it challenges conventional notions of art, design and aesthetics with a plethora of prints from some of the most renowned artists to date that lavishly illustrates that whether it's decadence, outrageous to the bizarre - the quest for art can be captured in any form. Intoxicating and entertainingly written, Art of the Middle East is essential reading for art enthusiasts, lovers of the Middle East, design and visual artists and anyone interested in contemporary look of the Arab World.

Books Do Furnish a Room
Leslie Geddes-Brown

As the name implies, this book is a heartfelt love letter to tomes....around a room. Epitomizing the notion Geddes-Brown compiled a visually stunning book on just that and mon petites I could not put this book down! From quirky , modern to the sublime the marque is a byword for opulent innovation and petites this book is just that!

Prendergast in Italy
Nancy Mowll Mathews with Elizabeth Kennedy

The brilliance of American artist Maurice Prendergast (1858–1924) Impressionist watercolors and experimental monotype is considered one of the most sophisticated and refined moments in art history, and now with the released tome Prendergast in Italy (Merrell) Mathews and Kennedy showcases one of the most sumptuous and creative epochs in art to date. Prendergast is a gorgeous photographic odyssey through the renowned artist’s illustrious and legendary journey through Italy. This is a captivating visual experience for historians, decorators, and art lovers alike.

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