Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just as it's getting to be the time to clean your house and switch up your wardrobe for fall (say it ain't so!), it's time your skin care and hair removal regimen could use some renovating. Here's how to update things, without spending a fortune (in money or time) and our answer for you is Urbana. As the go-to for Dublin dwellers who prefer to look as if their uber smooth body have never been subjected to hair removal, Urbana, Dublin's leading Beauty and Medical Spa, has become known for it's ability to tackle stubborn unwanted hair and countless beauty problems.

Here are our top tips on reinventing your regime to look flawless for fall!

1. Switch your moisturizer. I know, it's kind of a duh, but especially for those types that tend to get "dewy," you need to step away from the acne-inducing rich creams asap. Instead, switch to an oil-free lotion or gel.

2. Up your SPF. A few weeks ago we spoke with our dermatologist, and while he thought SPF 100 might walk on the extreme side, he cautioned that when it gets cooler out, you naturally spend time outdoors and need to up the sunscreen ante. The Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock finally comes out next week, and we're going to buy it for the light, couldn't be farther from greasy feel alone.

3. Take It Off. You can get a professional-strength wax at our go to place Urbana - drop into one of the sleek and modern beauty and medical Spa for laser hair removal, waxing, tinting and tweezing - the full gamut from the ultra-friendly therapists - and be out of the door in a snap (no pun intended). Added bonus: the beauty and medical spa - the premiere of Dublin offers customized hair removal packages: Choose from a long list of well-executed services, including all manner of waxing and laser treatments (that include discounts!)as well as a plethora of other beauty treatments that will have you ready for the fall season in no time.. Looking and feeling flawless — kind of priceless.

4. Freshen Up. To combat sensitive, blotchy skin, we also suggest Urbana's range of skin treatments that will have you looking your ultimate best in no time! From microdermabrasion to sun damage repair the beauty mecca will transform you to a full on glam goddess.. thank us later!

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